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Hello, and welcome to! This website is dedicated to making sure that Brandon Woodruff is released from prison as soon as possible. He has already spent almost 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit -- murdering both of his parents.

The introduction from the article below gives a very detailed synopsis of Brandon's case, and we would recommend everyone read it first. Please take some time to read about Brandon, his case, and his innocence. In this day and age with the technology that we have, there should never be an innocent person incarcerated. Yet, it remains one of the biggest problems of our criminal justice system.

In this page, you'll read all about corrupt small town District Attorneys who willfully and intentionally violated an American citizen's Constitutional rights. You'll read about the lack of evidence presented at trial, and how those same DA's secured a conviction of an innocent man based on nothing more than innuendo and character assassination. You'll read about actual physical evidence that proves Brandon's innocence. You'll read about all of that, and at the end, you'll scratch your heads just like we did -- how can someone be convicted on so little, yet have such dire consequences? Unfortunately, the one thing you won't find is an answer to that question. Only the real killers know what actually happened that fateful night back in 2005.

"In October 2005 Texas prosecutors charged Brandon Woodruff -- then a 19-year-old freshman at Abilene Christian University -- with murdering his parents Dennis and Norma. Unable to make the $1 million bail he sat in Hunt County Jail for more than three years awaiting trial. When the case finally was presented to a Greenville jury in northeast Texas the prosecution essentially posited during the 12-day trial that Brandon Woodruff was living a double life based on lies who ditched classes at ACU for gay adventures in wild Dallas. Faced with flunking out and returning home to a hick town the prosecutors argued that Brandon killed his disappointed parents for their life insurance so he would be free to pursue his gay life with carefree abandon. On March 20, 2009 the jury convicted Brandon Woodruff after only five hours of deliberation. The state earlier had waived the death penalty, and he automatically was sentenced to a life term behind bars."

-- Phillip Crawford, Jr.

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