This page is dedicated to getting justice for Brandon Woodruff, a man who was arrested when he was 19 for brutally killing both of his parents. Even though there were corrupt DA’s and no direct evidence showing that Brandon committed these murders, he was convicted by a small town homophobic Texas jury and sentenced to life in prison, without the possibility of parole. Brandon does now and always has maintained his innocence. This page is for those of us that believe in him to communicate, collaborate, and assemble as we move forward trying to Free Brandon.

4 Thoughts to “Introduction”

  1. James Fisher

    I ran across this website and can’t believe something like this could happen to someone in the United States of America. I’m excited to follow this story and do whatever I can to help! This is a terrible injustice and needs to be corrected!

    1. admin

      Thank you James! We’re super excited to have you on board. Please join our newsletter to get updates on Brandon’s case when they happen!

  2. Chris Saunders

    he is obviously the recipient of Texas homophobic justice…even though i dont think homosexuality is right, its plain to see this lad is innocent . only guilty of not conforming to bible belt expectations

    1. admin

      Thank you Chris for your input. We agree. And although we may not all agree on important social issues, everyone deserves a fair trial and to be judged on the merits of the case, not the prejudices of the jury.

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