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“Work in Progress” Screening

Monday, September 24th, 2018

6PM – 10PM

Texas Theathre in Dallas, Texas

231 West Jefferson St

Dallas, TX 75208

We were very pleased at the turnout for our first Work-in-Progress screening! The feedback and advice we received on how to edit the film was invaluable. Hopefully the next version will be even better! We’re just trying to perfect the film to get Brandon’s story and true facts in the film.

Ultimately, “TEXAS JUSTICE: BRANDON WOODRUFF” will be a three part series. The first part is titled “Part 1 – No Justice”. This part focuses on what happened to Brandon from 2005 to 2018. It will go in-depth into the events that transpired to cause an innocent person to be arrested in the first place all the way through his post-conviction struggles in the courts.

The second part will be titled “Part 2 – The Fight”. This will focus on what’s happening now and in the future until he’s released. It will highlight everything from his continued fights in the courts to the efforts being waged on his behalf through social media and rallies in person to raise awareness about his fight.

The third and final chapter of this film will be titled “Part 3 – Freedom Reclaimed” and will focus on Brandon’s release and what he does with his life after he gets out. Obviously this is a hopeful end to this tragic story, but the producers of this film, his friends and family, and many supporters around the globe are all looking forward to the day Brandon is released from prison.